• Vagina Dumbell Set *Very Popular*

Excellent set of 100% medical grade silicone kegel exercise balls.

Plain pack set of balls. Save paying for a box you don't need!

Single 37g ball - diameter 3.5cm
Double 60g ball - diameter 3cm
Double 95g ball - diameter 3.25cm

Start with the lightest and work up to the heaviest.

Toning the PC (pelvic floor) muscles is what one does when voluntarily stopping the flow of urine. The benefits of strong, toned PC muscles are numerous. It is said to help in vaginal birthing, incontinence, and for pleasure, to name a few. People of all sexes can benefit from having toned PC muscles.

Comes with a standard set of instructions applicable for any kegel balls.

Vagina Dumbell Set *Very Popular*

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